Between the Covers with Christopher Logan and Bookthefilm


With the final 10 days of the advance sales campaign for the new book Burlesque ticking away, I sat down with author Christopher Logan to see how things are going.

For those that aren’t familiar with Bookthefilm and the creative works of Christopher Logan, the upcoming photobook Burlesque is the sequel to their hit book dr.a.g. (dressed as girl).  The dr.a.g. book sold across the United States, Canada and in 17 countries in Europe.  It received a nod of acclaim from the Governor of Nevada and QVegas Magazine for being a positive voice for diversity and inclusion during their Pride celebration and was chosen as a VIP gift at the Independent Filmmaker’s Lounge during the Sundance Film Festival 2015.  And we definitely need more voices of positivity so… cheers to Bookthefilm!

“When the opening act is stunning men frocked beyond belief, what comes next?  Burlesque.  Let’s bring on the women!” says author and publisher Christopher Logan.

Photo Credit:  john fox

Photo Credit:  john fox


In the second book in the series, the best of the best of the world of burlesque are given the royal treatment and showcased in stunning photographic spreads that run the gambit from the smoking hot revolution Perle Noire, the regal glamour of the UK’s reigning Queen of Burlesque Immodesty Blaize, gore/gothic lover and horror actress Little Miss Risk and male burlesquers Tigger and The Stage Door Johnnies, to the most recognized face of burlesque: Miss Dita Von Teese.

Photo credit:  ali mahdavi


The performance aspects of the burlesque world are brought beautifully into focus with the work of photographers Toni Wallachy, Stephanie Saujon and Olena Sullivan. “The dr.a.g. book was mostly studio shots, but for Burlesque, we wanted to make sure to capture that explosive on-stage experience,” says Logan. “Getting to see these performers come to life under the loving gaze of these three female photographers adds an honest admiration and intensity that leaps off the page.”

photo credit:  maria s. varela

photo credit:  maria s. varela

The men capture their share of images as well. There is a beautiful feature on the work of the most prolific burlesque photographer Neil Kendall, showing off his signature style of Old Hollywood Glamour, and the book is beautifully wrapped in a stunning capture of performance artist Meow Meow by renowned photographer Karl Giant.

Christopher Logan, actor (Connie and Carla, Saving Silverman, Tron Legacy, Once Upon A Time), is raising funds to produce films on the back of these gorgeous books. "I thought if all the funding came from people who already loved the arts, it would be a more pure way to get there," says Logan. "A different way to turn a book into a movie."

With a goal of raising $16 000 via Kickstarter, the campaign will use pre-sales revenue to produce the Burlesque book.  To date, the campaign has raised a healthy $10,000 but with only 10 days left, it’s might be a nail biter with the creative world the potential winner.  The campaign can be supported with a little as one dollar and as much as $300 or more, offering signed copies by famous drag and burlesque stars as perks, along with advance copies.

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There has been much public discussion in recent times regarding celebrating diversity and ensuring that everyone, regardless of their personal tastes and style, feels comfortable being true to themselves in following their own path.  If that isn’t reason enough to support the creative work of the holder of the looking glass reflecting those who dare to live their dream, then I will give you two more.   This book is beautiful – both in the way that Christopher Logan and designer Mamio Marais have crafted this homage to glamour – as well as in the heart, soul and respect this author has for his subject.  Such passion deserves our support.