See what some are saying about their interactions with Debra.

Debra is a big picture thinker, kind and good listener – a rare quality now-days, excellent project manager and above all a good writer. She is a person who can take your team, project or organization to the next level. From outlining the process and end-results to managing teams and details such as your social media presence, Debra is invaluable professional you want to have on tour side.
— Mirjana Galovich, Sun Yat Sen Garden
Deb was instrumental in helping bring The Art Institute of Vancouver to a higher level of HR compliance and overall productivity. Her ability to stay true to our fiduciary duties while always maintaining a human touch provided a pillar of support for the executive team through her counsel. I drew upon Deb’s wealth of knowledge in many areas outside of HR including marketing, event production, copy writing...
— Tom Kim, Fraser Health Authority
Deb pursues success with integrity. She respects and appreciates the value of others and knows how to help them leverage and maximize their personal strengths. She continually seeks opportunities to sharpen and update her skills and abilities and is keen to share the knowledge and understanding she has gained across populations.

Also worth noting are Deb’s abilities in helping others recognize whether or not their interests and motivations are in alignment with their professional practice and why that is crucial, her ‘all hands on deck’ attitude and her strong desire to help increase positivity in the workplace.
— Terri Anne Wilson McKenzie, Educator and Arts Education Consultant
Working with Deb I quickly recognized her as a tremendous resource for insight and understanding. She has a sensibility about people and how they interact with each other that makes her a very effective at building teams, repairing teams, and growing individuals. She also has the courage to use her skills when they are needed and the professionalism to be able to effectively use her skills in a constructive manner even in the most difficult situations.
— Andy Jaques, PREMETCO Panama
I have known Deb for more than a decade now, initially as a HR business partner, mentor and later as a friend. She always came across as someone who could be approached, extend support and provided guidance.
Deb is a highly respected, results oriented professional and her abilities to communicate and engage staff across different levels of the organization is commendable.

I feel very fortunate in being able to connect with Deb!
— Mukesh Lohtia, TD Bank
Deb was instrumental in finding the “right fit” for both me and the TD Canada Trust Financial group. She understood my needs and aspirations for career advancement, but at the same time, she recognized my skill sets that would contribute to the success and the needs of the organization. As a HR specialist, she advised me on career advancement, job rotation, training and mentoring opportunities to ensure my success as an individual and as a team player within the organization.
— Derrick Lee, Canadian Consulate General
I was immediately impressed with Deb at our first meeting - how knowledgeable she was in the media, fashion and tourism industries, her excellent communication skills, and most of all, her ability to grasp an idea regardless of how raw, and rework and package it into something that is workable and makes sense.

With her training, background and passion for the Asia Pacific region, I enlisted Deb as Segment Producer and Host for a radio program that was focused on Chinese-Canadian relations. This was a show that was produced for delivery in Canada, showcasing the diversity of the culture, business and history of China to Canadians.

When I joined Xinfu as Director China in Beijing, I was responsible for producing our upcoming book, the “Secrets of Chinese CEOs” (foreword written by Sir Martin Sorrell - Founder and CEO of WPP). I needed a trusted and talented copywriter and researcher, and Deb was my first choice. Again, she was able to run with limited instructions, deliver high quality work with tight deadlines and was very flexible with her schedule, once again demonstrating an understanding of the region, an acuity for business and an empathy for people.

I have the utmost respect for Deb’s infectious positive attitude, impeccable work ethics and deep passion for her work. She has provided invaluable support in my work over the past ten years, and I am very much looking forward to working with her again in the near future.
— Tinhanei Lee, Director, Owner Relations, Marriott International
I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Debra for several years. Debra is an exceptional HR professional known for her ability to provide proactive expertise and advice to her customers. Debra is incredibly professional, approachable and excels at engaging, inspiring and influencing others – a testimony to the deep experience she brings as a leader. She is results-driven, strategic and moves the business forward by understanding needs and providing effective, sustainable solutions. I highly recommend Debra and look forward to working closely with her again in the future!
— Greg Harris, TD Bank Financial Group
Debra is a wealth of knowledge and was extremely helpful. She is very knowledgeable about EAP, is very thoughtful and encouraging, an excellent writer and just a pleasure to work with. Her knowledge is only exceeded by her kindness, as she is thoughtful, honest, and warm-hearted. I’d work with Debra again without a moment’s hesitation, and strongly recommend her.
— Carl Nassar, Heart Centered Counselling
Deb is a positive and inspiring professional who is always looking for ways to help others realize their full potential. Her corporate HR background helps her understand what companies are looking for in candidates within this competitive market and at the same time she is able to recognize the unique skills and competencies that individuals bring to organizations and what makes them thrive.  
Deb is a great achiever with a deeply rooted entrepreneur spirit and strong ethical values. An amazing and stimulating writer, a solid strategic thinker, a knowledgeable advocate for finding ways to do things better and an unconditional friend and colleague.  When I have an idea and need to share it with someone who can see the value in it, but who will always be truthful and objective, I call Deb for advice and thought-provoking discussions. I would work alongside Deb any time, any day.
— Rosamelia Andrade, Freelance Independent Communications and Project Development Consultant
Deb was very professional and knowledgeable in human resource management and went above and beyond to ensure the documents were legally correct. I would surely hire her again.
— Nadege Beauvoir, Cheer Tumbling Dynamics
Deb led our HR Department in Edmonton and provided strategic HR advice to the business leaders. She is as compassionate as she is knowledgeable. Deb has a thirst for knowledge; embraces diversity; and is always looking for a way to add value to the teams she chooses to join. A dynamic leader
— Heather Larke, Hydroxy Life Inc.
Having known Deb in a previous academic setting, and now collaborating with her on various projects, I have always been impressed with her professionalism and her passion. Deb is a remarkable mentor, an insightful and forward-minded thinker, and a fantastic person to work with. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Deb!
— Bradley Cuzen, Ledcor & Summit Air
Deb is a very smart, mature and diligent professional leader who gets things done, while making all team members feel great about their contributions. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to human interactions and social responsibility, but also very entrepreneurial and business oriented. She works with passion and flair, makes friends all around her, and she will be successful in whatever endeavour she chooses.
Any company would be lucky to hire Deb as an employee or as an outside consultant. She definitely would add plenty of value!
— Alan Donald, Keller Williams Realty